VLOG Episode 6 – SurvivorQuad

This is another VLOG style video but shot like the old show “SurvivorMan” on the Discovery channel. I used my GoPro Hero 5 camera and shot everything I could one morning while I was getting ready for a doctors appointment. I also try to time stamp everything so you get a look at how long it takes me to get myself up and ready for the day.

WTF… I pulled my catheter out!

Several years ago I ripped out my suprapubic catheter while in bed during the middle of the night. I had to call my brother and walk him through the process of changing it when he had never ever seen it done before.

C5-C6 Quadriplegic – Van Transfer

This is how I get in and out of my van. Also how I transfer in and out of my driver’s seat to drive the van. I was down hanging out in Venice beach for the day so I decided to shoot the video down there since it looked better than my driveway.. I also show how my Alber E-Motion wheels work and how they help me to get in the van. In the middle of the video I put in some cool shots from my DJI Spark Drone so I hope you enjoy it!

VLOG Episode 5 – 2017 Summer

This video is clips of some of the things I did over the summer. The first part is me and some friends swimming and hanging out by the pool. Next is a few shots from my drone one day at the dog park. We go to the park at least once a week. After that is a few drone shots from a summer family BBQ. Last part is from this years Land meets Sea disabilities camp put on by Casa Colina.

2 Tips to Prevent Pressure Sores

This is a quick video on the 2 main things I do to prevent myself from getting pressure sores.. I am very skinny and have a lot of boney parts on my back and butt.

C5-C6 Quadriplegic – Zipper

This is a video on the tool I use to pull up my zipper on my own when I don’t have a ring to grab and pill up.

VLOG Episode 4 – 4th of July

This is my first video after getting my new DJI Spark drone but I’m just learning how to fly so better shots to come.. For this video I was down visiting my brother with my other brother thats visiting from Texas. Good day just fishing, BBQing and just hanging out with family.

VLOG Episode 3 – Race Warz!

A former girlfriend and I went to watch my brother race his car at the Fontana Raceway Drag strip.

VLOG Episode 2 – Triumph Festival

April 29th and 30th at the Triumph Foundation’s 6th Annual Sports festival weekend.

VLOG Episode 1 – 2017 Rugby Championships

This is my first VLOG style video I shot over the weekend I was in Phoenix AZ for the 2017 USQRA National championships. I shot most with my GoPro but also shot stuff with my DSLR camera and even used my phone when the other batteries were low.

C5-C6 Quadriplegic – Sex and Masturbation

This is my personal knowledge and experience about having sex after a SCI as well as how to best achieve ejaculation during sex and masturbation.

Rugby Pacific Sectionals 2017

This is video from my rugby game in San Diego for the Pacific Sectionals. The first part of the game I used an imagination stabilizer to fix the fix shaking but it zooms in on weird points sometimes so I left the second half of the video as is.. including some commentary from my Uncle that is filming. Winning this game got us into the National Championships in Phoenix AZ starting April 20th 2017.

Live To Roll Live Stream

Testing the Live steam for a Q&A and live chat.. Everyone is welcome to ask questions about how I do things my daily life or just hang out and chat about whatever you want… I will continue doing live streams and use this one to figure out a structured format for my future streams.

Quadriplegic -Driving with MPS Hand Controls

I show how MPS hand controls work and go on a drive with a friend of mine also showing how I turn on my lights, blinkers and how the trip-pin steering knob works. I also do a impromptu interview about driving at the end of the video.. I use MPS Right angle hand controls for my gas and brake with a tri-pin for steering.

C5 C6 Quadriplegic – Cold Weather Tips

As a C5 C6 Quad and being very skinny I am usually cold so I show a couple of things I use and a few tips for staying warm during the Winter.

C5 C6 Quadriplegic – Dressing Sweatshirts

I show a couple different ways to get on and off sweatshirts. I show both a regular hoodie and a zip up hoodie, I very rarely wear any bigger/thicker jackets but when I do they usually require me to get a little help. Hope the video helps you stay warm and comfortable during the coming winter.

Quadriplegic -Driving with MPS Hand Controls

I show how MPS hand controls work and go on a drive with a friend of mine also showing how I turn on my lights, blinkers and how the trip-pin steering knob works. I also do a impromptu interview about driving at the end of the video.. I use MPS Right angle hand controls for my gas and brake with a tri-pin for steering.

C5 C6 Quadriplegic – Suppository Insertion

I show how I can do an independent suppository insertion and how I use a self checking/stimulation device at the end of my bowel movement.

Custom Shower Chair/Commode

In this video I show what have been doing for years now to make my own shower chair or bench. I like making my own because they are more comfortable and much easier to transfer to independently than most standard shower chairs. Plus I don’t have a very accessible bathroom so it helps me to get over the bath tub. I will be posting a video on how I get in and out of it sometime in the future.

Land meets Sea 2016

This is my 2 runs at Casa Colina’s Land meets Sea 2016. It took a few weeks to post this because I had a small scrape on my butt before water skiing but after being on it all day and sitting in damp swim trunks it got much worse so I have had to stay off of it for a while.. but its just about completely healed so I’m getting back to everything.

AMA – Suprapubic Catheter Care

This is my first AMA or Q&A or whatever you want to call it.. In this AMA I answer so Suprapubic catheter questions and talk about how independent bowel management is possible for quadriplegics.

C5 C6 Quadriplegic – Better Transfers

This video is a re-shoot for my original couch transfer video. It’s been 2 years since my original transfer video so I wanted to re-shoot it because the sound in the first video is terrible and I finally got a new couch to show off.

Rollin’ it Old School

This is footage from an old 8mm skate video I had. I thought all my old footage was lost but My friend Elvis found this in a pile office old videos. Thank you so much Elvis!

Quadriplegic – Tips for Staying Cool

This video I’m showing how I keep myself cool when it is really hot outside. Most Quadriplegics don’t sweat so staying cool can be a problem. I will be doing AMA videos once a month so ask me questions you may have about a certain video or maybe something I haven’t done yet.

Flushing your Suprapubic Catheter

I made this video to show what I do to flush my catheter. I have a Suprapubic catheter that I have had for about 10 years now and over the years I have found a few things to help with my bladder health. When your catheter is blocked up, irritated, or infected there are only so many things to do. As a preventative I flush it out 3 times a week with half acidic solution and half sterile water. I will be making more videos on catheter and bladder health so please check back for more videos.

Quadriplegics – Medical Marijuana

This is my 420 special video! I made a video last year of how I use a bong by myself and a lot of people mentioned using vape or wax pens. I have also been using pens for a long time so here are the 2 pens I am currently using and really like. The first is a Heavy Hitters vape pen that are sold with pre filled cartridges at most medical dispensaries.. at least here in CA. The second pen is a PuffCo and it hits awesome! It is harder to load for us quads but once its filled it is a great hitting pen.

Quadriplegics – Breathing Exercise

This is a quick video of a breathing exercise I do every day to keep my lungs strong and healthy. They gave me one of these in rehab when I was sick and having some breathing problems but I have kept one and used it regularly over the last 12 years.

Quadriplegic – Gauze Suprapubic Catheter

This is actually the last part to my morning routine.. After I get dressed and I get my catheter bags changed from the bedside bag to a leg bag then I apply a 4 x 4 inch gauze pad to my Suprapubic catheter.

C5 C6 Quadriplegic – Bed Transfer

This video is me transferring into bed at night and how I have the bed set up for me to do everything I need for bed.

C5 C6 Quadriplegic – Brushing Teeth

I show what toothbrush and tooth paste I use for easy use and how I setup my mouthwash so I can use is everyday.

Mission Statement

Live To Roll is here to Educate, Motivate and Empower. 

We are dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities to live happier and more independent lives. Every week we host a show discussing different topics about living life with a disability and how it affects our daily living.  We also host a women's show twice a month with a more focused aim of addressing topics on women living life with a disability.  In addition to the live show’s we regularly produce videos showcasing tools and techniques that we have learned over years of living as quadriplegics.  Between the four of us who contribute to the channel we have more than 75 years of experience living with spinal cord injury.   It’s Important for us to be a positive role model and mentor for others with disabilities as well as provide useful information and motivational content for people of any ability, and we are committed to doing so. Our hope is to use our knowledge and experience to help with improving disabled individuals’ daily lives and general attitude towards life!